Super easy registration process with Luca69 online gambling game.

As for how to apply for membership with our website, there are just a few simple steps. It's also not difficult, just fill out a few information such as bank account, real phone number. Because it is necessary to receive the OTP verification code that the system will send to your mobile phone. This is for your own safety. After the registration is complete, you can deposit and withdraw not more than 30 seconds, you can start playing immediately. By the application process, we have prepared in detail as follows.

1. Go to the subscribe button inside our website.
2. Read the terms and conditions, then click accept and click next.
3. Enter a valid phone number for receiving an OTP number to verify the code.
4. Enter the OTP number you received.
5. Fill in various information such as name-surname, bank account number.
6. Set a 4-digit Pin password to use to access the system.

Just like this, you can enjoy the game of Baccarat online and others without interruption. Of course, you can see how to apply from the picture below. Good luck playing!!
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