Roaring Stripes Slot Game Review from Live22

Roaring Stripes

Today we would like to introduce a slot game that comes in the form of a tiger like the Roaring Stripes slot game. How interesting is this slot game? Follow up in this review.

The theme of the Roaring Stripes slot game from Live22.

The game is played in the form of a self-presentation like a tiger and the atmosphere in the game is quite ancient like Angkor Wat in the jungle where the program doesn't explain anything about the tiger at all, so I think that this alley game. Graphics are also not very attractive.

The symbols in the Roaring Stripes slot game from Live22

The program is an online slot game with 5 spins, 4 rows, 40 winning entries. The Roaring Wild symbol can substitute for any symbol except the Jackpot.

Various bonus games within Live22's Roaring Stripes slot game.

The interior is divided into 2 The main bonus games are: The jackpot game by the way to get the jackpot game is that we have to get 3 jackpot symbols appearing on the 2-3 and 4 spins to enter the jackpot game.

Another bonus game is Respin if one or more Respin White Roaring Wilds symbols appear. All wild symbols are locked into place, bonus wins during Respin earn additional Respin.

Overview of the Roaring Stripes slot game from Live22.

Overall condition, the highlight of this game is that there are 40 types of win patterns, making it easy to win big and small prizes within the game. There are also various bonus features that are presented quite well, but there are disadvantages. In the game itself, the theme of the game is not interesting enough. Overall, it's not a very attractive game for a slot game, but it's enough to cure boredom.

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Roaring StripesRoaring StripesRoaring Stripes
Roaring Stripes